Thursday, October 29, 2009

I don't do the big stuff...

You may have noticed that I don't bother trying to debunk the actual climate "science" (and I use the term loosely) of the AGW alarmist crowd. This is because I made a decision to try and talk about the issues that I felt I could directly comment on in my chosen field and am leaving the big stuff to those who have the time, inclination and learning to do it far better than I.
One who has done a pretty nifty job of it so far is Prof. Plimer, who isn't afraid to "call a spade a bloody shovel" * in the fine Australian tradition.
For anyone interested in where I get my pugnacious attitude from re: current climate science, its from following the work of people such as Ian Plimer. Here is a recent transcript of him defending the information presented in his book "Heaven and Earth".

FYI: Before the recent climate craziness led to every man and his pet monkey self-appointing themselves "climate scientists", there was no such specific thing. People who knew a thing or three about climate were mostly either geologists or meteorologists. Plimer is a geologist.

* As far as I know it was Sir Sydney Cotton, inventor of the Sidcot sheepskin flight suit and all 'round nutty guy, who first said "I'm an Australian, so I call a spade a bloody shovel". Or something like that.

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