Monday, April 5, 2010

Climate change good for your health. If you're English.

Finally, a research team has pointed out the blindingly obvious: that Britain can only be improved by climate change.

A recent study published in the UK in the last week has examined the possible effects of climate change on human health in the West Midlands, and worked out that it could save thousands of lives over the next 70 years. Of course, after that, the researchers warn, things could get a bit hairy for the locals with all those nice warm summers, so they caution against any wild parties celebrating the fact just yet.

The researchers then go on to add, in a fairly predictable display of British weather-pessimism, that whilst less cloud cover resulting from climate change sounds good, it could cause more skin cancers and cataracts. Kind of like retiring to the med, I guess. No mention of the fact that nicer weather in the West Midlands would completely change the meaning of the phrase "to be sent to Coventry", too.

Just in case the reseachers were going to be accused of being climate-disaster apologists, they ignore major advances in refrigeration technology i.e. the invention of the 'fridge (which owes much to an Australian penchant for keeping beer cold), and further caution that warmer weather will cause more food poisoning. Kind of like retiring to the med...


  1. Daily?

    Come on. Stuff your other commitments. Let the little darlings fend for themselves.

    It's not like I'm asking you to bake me some pie.

  2. Pie?! Isn't that why god created Sarah Lee?
    Oh, Snap!
    Don't worry, I just had some stuff that needed sorting and was on the wrong end of a real bitch of a marathon sleep deprivation. (All those times I said "Medical School ain't as hard core as it used to be" really came back to bite me on the arse when I discovered this rotation featured 24 hour shifts.)


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