Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strewth, mate.

Its quite hot today where I happen to be visiting. Around 44 degrees celsius (note the bit on the screen dump above that says "feels like 47C"). Thats not unusual for this time of year. It happens. I don't even have airconditioning where I am, so I have the kids sitting in front of a makeshift Coolgardie safe constructed from a fan and a laundry rack covered in wet towels. Its not too bad inside the house, because I closed it up this morning when I knew there was a scorcher coming. I'll open the windows again later when the inevitable cool change comes from the south and antarctica.

The reason I'm reporting on this is because this is normal for this part of the world, and yet if a bushfire breaks out, which has happened not infrequently in the past, all of a sudden people start screaming about climate change. Note the next screen grab that shows the highest recorded temperature for january in this region was in 1939, the same year as the Black Friday bushfires.

I call it living in Australia.

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