Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well, f...k me dead and bury me pregnant...

The unthinkable has happened. The ABC newsbreakfast show on ABC2, famed for biased reporting and rude on-air gestures at climate-skeptic politicians when they think they're not looking, just attempted to ask some "difficult" questions of a leading proponent of AGW.

Presenter Joe O'Brien interviewed Clem Davis this morning, convener of the upcoming AMOS conference in Canberra (read: warmist junket). Clem Davis, who is more accustomed to presenting his backside to the ABC for the kissing thereof, actually found himself being asked about such matters as the IPCC glacier swindle, Lord Monckton, the fact we have been in a cooling trend for a decade or so, and the mainstream media bias in reporting climate change. I can't work out which is more unprecedented, the ABC showing a bizarre amount of balance, or the suprise on Clem Davis' face.

Clem Davis refused to answer any of the difficult questions put to him, citing that it's not his area of expertise to answer such things. Given that he is a meteorologist, to my mind this is tantamount to pleading the fifth. (If he was in court and this was another country. Whatever.)

No matter, though, just the fact the presenter asked the questions in the first place is indicative of the shifting tides of public opinion.

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