Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The crazy makes me lol

I love the meeting of psychology, climate science and the main stream media. Sometimes, the logic (if you wish to call it that) gets so convoluted I feel like I need a whiteboard and a flowchart. It's kind of reminiscent of arguing with my 10 year old, Thing-two, only I can't put and end to the ridiculousness by screaming "Because I damn well said so!" and then threatening to set fire to all the chocolate / gaming systems / trampolines in the house.

See if you can stay with me, and I will attempt to take you on a tandem water-slide ride of modern health research.

A new report from the Climate Institute has found that the recent drought was really bad for mental health in the bush. The researchers know, KNOW, that since the drought was "caused" by climate change, ergo climate change has negatively impacted mental health.

Still with me?

Good. Luckily, there are warning signs to look out for if you think that the mental health of someone you know has been negatively impacted by climate change:
such as changes in normal behaviour, flat moods, not enjoying things they enjoyed before, isolating themselves, not going to barbecues and social functions, and not keeping up with work.

Oh no. Add "lying on the couch refusing to move and watching several hours of really bad science fiction in protest at your life", then that pretty accurately describes medical school.

The reasoning behind the report was so overtly questionable that even Bjorn Lomberg commented on it.

When John Connor CEO of the Climate Institute, was questioned on "...the evidence for climate change not being believed in many rural areas", he ignored the fact that this then negated the entire presumption behind the report.
he says despite that the vast majority of Australia's do have concerns about climate change.

Adding also, that lots, LOTS of science-ey guys believed in climate change, too. So there. No news on how the drought affected those science-ey guys mental health.
Tim Flannery, however, seems to be doing just fine.


  1. Yeah, like there was noone suffering from depression in the great drought of 1900 and so on....

    I live in a rural area, the Lockyer Valley which was hard hit by the floods in January. It's been hit by drought for many years with the aquifer drying out. It's also been hit by Golden Circle going offshore, many of the local farmers grow beetroot for Golden Circle.

    Nah, that won't cause depression. It's global warming, and it's the first time in history that anyone in the bush has suffered from depression.

    What's the suicide rate in country towns during bad times again?

    You're right, Paua, they're crazy.

  2. Hi
    Where are you? What's happened? I hope all is well! I'm sure I saw that you were busy studying etc, but can't for the life of me remember where I saw it!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Girl you have not posted for a while, Say that all is well, at least. Wayne


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