Thursday, August 4, 2011

Paging Doctor Turnbull

Opposition frontbencher Malcolm "it should have been me" Turnbull has been touted by the ABC as decrying "the war on climate science." Hey, I thought, thats what I do, isn't it?
He likened climate change denial to "ignoring your doctor's advice on the basis that someone down the pub told you his uncle Ernie lived to 95 and smoked a packet of cork-tipped cigarettes every day and drank a bottle of whisky".

Wait a minute, isn't medical advice what I do, too?! Luckily, I kind of disagree with Malcolm, or I'd be out of a job. Misuse of the word "denial" aside, I think that being somewhat skeptical of the current anthropogenic global warming meme based on a careful evaluation of the current evidence for and against, is not like the "uncle Ernie" example cited by Turnbull above. If anything, it's more like being skeptical of:

* Radioactive thorium toothpaste.
* Eugenics.
* Avoiding eggs from fear they will raise your cholesterol, and
* The perception of homosexuality as a mental illness.

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