Sunday, July 10, 2011

I have a theory

I'm on holidays, and unbelievably for a medico stuck at home with a gaggle of kids in winter, was on some kind of perverse sober health kick. Until yesterday. Happily, I didn't do the usual and get stuck into a bottle of Barbados' finest as a gesture of protest at the carbon tax announcement, instead limiting myself to a bottle or three of sauvignon blanc. I am nothing if not a creature of moderation and rectitude.

Somewhere between tripping over the cat and psychologically profiling Prime Minister Gillard's motivations and likely I.Q. level, I had a sudden revelation:

This carbon tax thing is on purpose! No, wait, still hungover, let me clarify. She doesn't really need The Greens the way everyone has being bleating on about. The Greens are never going to back a conservative government, she doesn't need them the way an obligate intracellular organism needs its host, or even as much as I need a coffee. She could have called their bluff.

Ergo, she must have some deeper motivations, and among the more obvious theories are:

* She actually has deep seated convictions that this carbon dioxide tax thingy is going to do something for the environment and isn't particularly bright. This theory has a certain attractiveness.

* She screwed the pooch so badly on the minerals resources tax thingy that was needed to get the Labour budget out of deficit, that this carbon dioxide tax is a way to recoup the funds, by taxing the same industries that slipped the noose in the last tax-go-round and exempting everyone else.

However, none of the above explains why she would insist on committing political seppuku in such an epic manner. I mean, she's going down faster than a B-grade starlet at Charlie Sheen's house. Then it occurred to me:

* It's all a calculated move to destroy The Greens! She is nobly sacrificing her own continued leadership aspirations, and the future of her own political party, to make sure that The Greens go the way of One Nation and the Democrats! Think about it! Calls have already gone out from both sides of politics to limit their preference flows and sideline them the way One Nation was. Crafty Julia is giving Bob Brown enough rope to hang himself. Just the other day he got so over-excited he started talking about one world government, y'see, it's working already. All those gen-Y knobs who voted for them because they thought they were warm and fuzzy are starting to wise up, and are not about to hand back the keys to the hotted up commodore. Its brilliant.

Julia "KFC"* Gillard, for your noble sacrifice on behalf of the Australian people, the Daily Suppository salutes you!

* Two small breasts, two large thighs and a red box.


  1. Paua, nice to find your blog which I only did today (16/7/11) from Daily Bayonet where they say they're happy to have you back.
    It's nice to have another Aus' site I can visit.
    I have bookmarked you.
    How is Paua pronounced?
    I'm somewhat IT literate but can't understand how to select a profile or what most of the things mean in the list except Anonymous.
    Bob Campbell -

  2. That's some good writing from a backwoods red-neck chick in a cabin.
    I've bookmarked. keep up the good work, or just keep up.

    p.s. Would it be rude to ask (wish) if you're studying to be a proctologist?

    Baa Humbug

  3. Actually I think the Labor party has put the proverbial political shotgun in mouth and pulled both triggers in rapid succession. The deafening roar you could hear was labor being booted into the political wilderness for 10 years.

    Me thinks the true powers behind the throne have told them to put Tony "Budgie smuggler" Abbott in the Lodge, and given tony has been pretty un-electable to date, labor were told to sacrifice themselves. This may seem an odd idea, until you nderstand that you cant get a cigarette paper between the two parties.

    Ergo, as we see a one world govt march on, and we realise Herr Abbott was schooled int eh Rhodes mind set ( Cecil Rhodes advocated and wanted a one world govt ) - which ever way we "vote" we get a communist one-world-govt UN flunky or we geta a one-world-govt socialist who looks like hes right wing but isnt.

    The agenda is the same - oppressive one world govt, brought to you by the illusion of democracy.

    The carbon tax is merely the helegian "struggle" designed to mask the true agenda of creating "order out of Chaos" - the masonic one world govt creed. Its so obvious its laughable. If you know what to look for.


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