Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tofurkey Two-fer

The Tofurkeys keep coming thick and fast this week. I meant to post this earlier but was having trouble prying various children and my mother (she discovered the facebook chat function) off of my PC long enough to post. I suppose I could have fired up any of my collection of vintage laptops and / or painstakingly tip-tapped this out on a smart 'phone, but got distracted by beer, shiny things and a new pair of high heels, which I happily combined into a past-time I think I will call "extreme vacuuming".

Anyway, Big Al is going to have to share the podium with ACT Greens MLA Shane Rattenberry this week, following his on-the-record comments in regards to Greenpeace Australia's latest criminal escapade.

Three Greenpeace "activists" broke into a CSIRO facility and whippersnippered (a.k.a. "Weedwacked", "Strimmered" or "Line trimmed" depending on how you're feeling) an experimental crop of GM wheat. "What was this foul monster of genetically modified cereal being grown for in the first place?!" You may ask, if feeling dramatic. The clearly malevolent scientists at the CSIRO report the purpose of the experiment was to lower the glycaemic index and increase the fibre content of the wheat to aid in the prevention of diabetes and bowel cancer. What utter bastards.

Greenpeace then publicised this escapade, to which Shane Rattenberry MLA had this to say:

Mr Rattenbury says Greenpeace has a track record of breaking the law to highlight problems.
"I've certainly been involved in action in the past where Greenpeace has broken the law and that has been necessary to highlight what we've considered at the time to be a greater issue than perhaps a simple trespass," he said.

Clearly he missed the politics 101 tutorial on plausible deniability.

The Daily Suppository thinks that any politician who would not only speak out in favour of criminal activity, but also take the opportunity to happily confess to his own past criminal activity, all without realising that he had done so, deserves a Tofurkey.

And will someone puh-lease go and arrest them all now?!

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