Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Planning the revolution...

Excuse me if I have been a bit low on the posting. I made the mistake of calculating how much of my weekly take home pay will go to the Australian Tax Office when I have a job next year. After calculating sliding tax brackets, student supplement loan repayments, deferred university fees (HECS debt) and flood and medicare levies, I worked out I will have about the same amount of money I get right now. All for the honour of working excessively long hours and never seeing my children. And I don't even get a car park at the hospital!

By tomorrow I will have painted my toe-nails and pulled myself up by my knee-high boot laces, but right now I am feeling cranky. Well, when I say "cranky", I may or may not have requested that someone arm me so I can plan the revolution. I think I would look good in camo.

If I was French I would be marching with hundreds of my colleagues and setting fire to cars or something, but alas I am Australian, so I drink beer and mutter under my breath instead.


  1. Just another step in the hippy deconstruction process - paying taxes is a particularly effective component of understanding government policies and what they really mean. Viva le revolution...

  2. Either burning cars or dumping truckloads of manure on the steps of the French Parliment--ah... The summer season in France


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