Thursday, December 17, 2009

The christmas list

Happy holidays everyone. I will be somewhere tropical for the duration, and won't have access to the internet. Well, I mean, there is internet in the area, but my relatives who I will be staying with cancelled theirs after maxing it out 30 gbs over their limit downloading movies at dial-up speed. Now thats dedication, if only they could apply that attitude to gainful employment. Then, after a few constructive hours pinging around the call-centres of Mumbai, during which time my children built a fort, set fire to it, drew on the walls, went through puberty and left for college, I established that my mobile-internet service provider doesn't operate in the boonies. (i.e. anywhere outside the western suburbs of Sydney.)
I'm sure everyone is off having fun anyway. I hope so. But if you need something to do, heres some interesting reading:

A hunger strike with a difference, and you KNOW it's important because the mainstream media doesn't want to cover it. Farmer Peter Spencer protesting the government screw-job of his farm in the name of meeting Kyoto provisions.

The EU destroys a regional fishing industry due to sheer retardness. What a suprise. Depressed about that? Don't worry, you will be.

Clive James makes me giggle in an unseemly fashion. Read it here.

That'll do ya. So I'm now off to an Aussie christmas, complete with barbeques, humidity and pavlova. (In this country, real men eat pavlova, generally while dressed in a wife-beater and budgie-smugglers.)

The whole egg-nog, white christmas thing doesn't make much sense here in the southern hemisphere. (Nor, for that matter, does the commonly used appellation of "biggest / tallest / oldest / whatever in the southern hemisphere." Yeh, we really gave Uruguay a run for their money.)

So I'm planning on drinking beer on the verandah and watching lightening crack over cane fields. Yep, this is Australia....

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  1. Just a wish for Xmas, so you know you have a reader.

    When I worked the North Sea Yarmouth was indeed a big fishing village and it was just coming to terms with the (whatever the EU was called then. Common Market I think. A lot of the fishermen began working the rigs and the boats alternatively.

    Thanks for the Clive James link he always makes me laugh as well and like Rolf Harris such a nice contrast to Germaine Greer, a total misnomer as how she could be considered germane to anything is a stretch.

    I found your blog just prior to your exams and have followed it since. I hope they went well.


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