Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paul! Paul! Over here Paul!

For those of you who have been following my blog (and I really hope there are actually some of you), you will be familiar with the fact that my personal, teeth-grittingly-annoying bug-bear is misrepresentation of vector borne disease. Stupidity around malaria and the arbo-viruses just makes my blood boil, it led me down the climate skeptic path, and, well, here I am. Hi.

Thats why I have a bit of a crush on the medical entomologist Paul Reiter, hes so sensible and smart and has one of those quack-quack English accents that makes the laydeez swoon. He is still declining to let me have his babies, but undaunted, I will keep on stalking working on it.

If his impeccable qualifications and the fact that he told the IPCC to go jump aren't enough, he also has it in for everyone's favourite armchair entomologist climatologist president gravy-train ridin' hobo, Al Gore, and took the opportunity in The Spectator to once again put the boot in. (Fight! Fight! Fight!)

Instead of quoting it, I'll give you the link here, because it's worth reading it all.

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