Thursday, February 18, 2010

Biggest sell-out of the eighties award

Has to go to the honourable Peter Garrett, federal minister for the environment and cadaverous-looking lapdog of Penny Wong, the federal automoton for climate change.
First it was the pink batts housing insulation debacle, the score card reading something like this:

* 4 dead.
* 86 fires.
* An estimated 1000 houses with potentially electrified ceilings.
* A possible 400,000 with useless substandard insulation.
* Countless rorting and rip-offs.

And now:

Thousands of homes could be at risk of electrical fires from faulty installation of solar panels. Which is interesting because when a house with solar power is burning down, you can't turn the electricity off at the mains, and the set-up can remain electrified. A real bitch if you're a fireman.

I'm sorry, but I have to do this (and I am SO suprised nobody else seems to have yet). For those of you from overseas or who were literally born yesterday, Peter Garrett used to be in a rock band back in the days when he was slightly less loathsome. Peter, how can you sleep.....when your bed is burning (bahahahaha):

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