Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is this a joke? This is a joke, right?

I've introduced you to the "public intellectual" (aka: useless leech) Clive Hamilton before. The not-even-close Green's candidate in the Higgins by-election takes the word "creep" to whole new levels. Way creepier than white shoes and hair gel. Creepier than ageing bachelors volunteering for scout-camp. (Hey, they might be nice people). Creepier than...creepier than....Oh, f*ck it. I honestly can't think of anyone who creeps me out more. Not even Matt Damon. Just having to look at his picture while researching this makes me want to bleach my eyeballs.

Fresh from writing an open letter to the children of skeptics, outlining how their Mummies and Daddies are killing the planet, poor little Clivey is feeling a bit down. Apparently our skeptic overlord and dark master, Lord Monckton is spurring climate skeptics into cyber bullying champions of global warming such as Clive. So its lucky that Clive Hamilton is a proponent of mandatory internet censorship then, isn't it?
This from the man who has gone on record stating that climate deniers are worse than holocaust deniers. I hate to break it to you Clive, but if you are getting flaming dog poo shoved through your letterbox, its got far more to do with your winsome personality than your views on climate science. Clive isn't sure, but he thinks it might be a conspiracy:
Although he is yet to identify the individuals or organisations behind the cyber attacks, Dr Hamilton says anyone who is involved in arguing for climate change appears to be a recipient of the bullying.
"I've got some ideas but I don't have any evidence," he said

Clivey is so put out by it he's writing a five (five?!) part series on this evidenceless cyber bullying, which is being hosted by our public broadcaster. (This is ridiculous. Seriously, time to tell the ABC to drop people like Hamilton and bring back The Goodies or I want my money back.)

Amazing that someone can be so alarmingly (get it?) egomaniacal that they have missed the bullying that climate skeptics have experienced for almost decades now. Ian Plimer has related how his favourite ever fan letter said "Dear Sir, drop dead." Ask yourself this, why would so many skeptical bloggers who obviously have such "mad skillz" with writing, choose to blog anonymously? Could it be because we have this funny thing about wanting to hang onto our jobs? I will bet you money that folk such as myself, the Englishman, Simon, TWAWKI or that Kiwi guy either have to work for a company or institution where alarmism is the norm and breaking ranks swiftly punished, or if self-employed, have to work with a customer demographic that is similarly afflicted. Or they have to live in California or something. Same thing. Either way, I can assure you we don't stay anonymous simply because we are worried about getting mobbed by teenaged groupies.

Its astounding that someone can have such staggeringly little self awareness that they cannot relate their own actions (re: holocaust denial comparison and letters to our children) to the "bullying" that they are decrying everywhere else.
What a d*ck.

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  1. There are a lot of nutters in the world today. Probably always the case but the problem today is these people seem to have taken control of a good many countries in the world.

    This has happened because too many normal people have fallen asleep or have lost interest. It's time to wake up and quick.


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