Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pink Batts: Even worse than we thought...

Following on from a previous post about the mounting casualty list from the Roof Insulation Scheme. The Australian has reported as front page news that:
HUNDREDS of homes that have been fitted with foil insulation under the Rudd government's stimulus program have been turned into potential death traps because installers have laid the insulation over live wires or used metal fasteners, causing it to become electrified.
An audit of almost 1000 homes in Queensland has found that in about 2 per cent of cases, foil insulation was installed inappropriately, causing the roof to become "live". This means that if home owners enter their roof space and touch the insulation, they could be shocked or electrocuted.

If the foil touches metal frames or pipes, it could cause other parts of houses, including taps, to become electrified.

More than 37,000 homes have received foil insulation under the government's program.

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