Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tofurkey of the week # 5

This weeks Tofurkey (for acting like a turkey in an environmentally sensitive manner), goes out to Massachusetts college student Christopher Potter.
Young Mr. Potter has been sleeping outside the University of Massachusetts in a tent for over 120 days to protest the use of fossil fuels for energy. Responses to this demonstration range from:

1) A distinct lack of concern from an unnamed Boston utility company.
2) A slightly more concerned mother. (Did you pack your long underwear, Chris?)
3) A presumably happy college room mate, who may or may not have reported being "stoked" with having the dorm room to themselves.

The police response to this protest was to do the only reasonable thing and took the protestors tent when he wasn't looking, forcing young Christopher to schlepp down to the police station to re-claim it. (I love this, in other parts of the world this guy would have been introduced to the wack-wack stick, but the Boston constabulary contented themselves with just pinching his tent for a bit of a giggle.)

Christopher has limits to his high-mindedness, however, and has allowed himself leeway when it comes to charging his i-pod:
Though he doesn’t live inside, he says he charges his electronics with “dirty fossil fuels,” because “right now there’s no escaping them, and it makes us all contribute to climate change, unfortunately.”

Yes son, they "made" you do it. Damn those evil Mac bastards.

When asked what he wants to do for a career, Potter says he wants to continue pushing for clean electricity.

Good for you, son. We'll keep a spot under a highway overpass warm for you.


  1. That's some quality snark, right there.

  2. Why thankyou, Borepatch. I have alot of cranky to give. :)


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