Thursday, February 4, 2010

The pink batts strike again...

The labour government's ill-concieved economic stimulus / climate initiative has struck again, with the electrocution death of a young contractor in far north Queensland. According to The Australian, four contractors have died on the job since the introduction of the ceiling insulation scheme last year.
P.J. O'Rouke said it best:
Government subsidies can be critically analyzed according to a simple principle: You are smarter than the government, so when the government pays you to do something you wouldn't do on your own, it is almost always paying you to do something stupid.

Prior to this, the government home-insulation scheme was criticized due to the almost instant rorting of the scheme.

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  1. Good points, Arydale.
    Possible reasons for a lower kiwi insulation death toll:
    1) Kiwis are smarter. (My mother made me say that.)
    2) The scheme in Australia was fairly unregulated at first, so anyone who wanted to cash in could put their hand up and say "Hey, I'm a ceiling insulation contractor", regardlless of experience.


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