Monday, November 16, 2009

The Daily Suppository salutes: Belle de Jour

In case anyone was worried about me after that last post, I thought I would reassure my reader(s) by extending a polite golf clap to Dr. Brooke Magnanti, respected specialist in developmental neurotoxicology and cancer epidemiology and former prostitute.

Dr. Magnanti has just revealed herself as the best selling author "Belle de Jour" who wrote about her secret life as a prostitute, and blogged about it, too. So big-ups from one politically incorrect anonymous medical blogger to another. Apparently there was even a TV show based on the books, starring Billie Piper (who before that was last seen snogging Dr. Who).

I have never personally worked in the sex industry (as I am too fundamentally lazy to be bothered getting naked for money), but grew up in a milieu where every other close, female friend of mine did. We were all raised by progressive, educated hippies who gave us a fairly liberal upbringing, the upshot being that when most of my peers then found themselves poor, uneducated and with a drug habit, there was no real moral barrier to taking up the world's oldest profession. For one memorable span of time I found myself living in a shared household comprising 3 strippers, a prostitute / porn actor, a drug dealer....and me.

I had always intended to write a book called "Manky Smoo: Thank God my sister is a stripper", but never got around to it. I haven't read Belle de Jour's work, but I somehow suspect that my stories might be a bit down-market compared to hers. Nevertheless, Belle de Jour, the Daily Suppository salutes you!

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