Monday, November 16, 2009

The secret love that has no name...

First it was Glenn Beck and PETA agreeing to stick it to Al Gore, now I'm agreeing with the Catholics. Well, some of them, anyway. It turns out that they have been having some problems with their own Catholic wanna-be Gores, it must be the whole "prophet" thing.

I'm not sure how I wound up reading this, as you could probably best describe me as third generation scientific-animist, but it was actually very interesting.

Turns out this guy called Fr Rue has been running around proselytising the-end-of-the-world-cometh and spruiking his book called "Let the Son Shine" (Oh! I get it...) as the Australian Catholic response to climate change.

This Gore-come-lately was quoted from a speech as saying:

...we must accept "the science" (computer models' predictions of man-made global warming) without question and let go of our "outdated economic systems". In fact, he said, "the science" is part of the "theology of Creation" and the (IPCC) scientists are "messengers of God".

Christians, he said, should pray and ask for forgiveness for their actions and show compassion for the earth, which is losing "millions of species" to "biocide", while increasingly acidic oceans are preventing fish from forming skeletons and shells.

His call was for "a faith response", as we need a "conversion", and for us to "recognise God's wisdom embedded in the earth". This was followed by a grim reference to the "prophetic" Hurricane Katrina as a response to human arrogance.

John Morrisey, the author of the article was rightfully pissed about this Fr Rue chap, and said so. The author even referred to a "lemming-like Western delusion based on the inconclusive and inadequate science of computer models." Ouch. I think I like this guy. Whats happening to me? All of a sudden I find myself nodding in agreement with people that would otherwise be fairly hateful to me, like Senator Steve Fielding. I even have a bit of a crush on Monckton, and hes probably the guy who came up with the whole Poll Tax thing back in Maggie Thatchers day.

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