Friday, November 13, 2009

Driving the pink 'n' purple pajero family wagon 'round the vulvic cul-de-sac

Given all the femininity that has been going on over here at the daily suppository lately, I felt it only fair to explore the issue further. After all, women wimmin are human humen people, too, and they're pissed about climate change.

So pissed that some of them have decided that the only right thing to do is to not have children to reduce their carbon footprint. One young woman reported that she was sterilised to "protect the planet" and felt a sense of relief after the irreversible procedure. (As long as she doesn't regret it later, then we're relieved too.)

A social demographer has outlined how climate change and family planning are linked, the Lancet has concurred and the London School of Economics has costed it for them as the cheapest way to combat climate change. (Sorry, I can't link to the original paper at the moment as it's mysteriously disappeared).

Meanwhile, Asian women are getting so irate over climate change that they're gonna....they're a quilt...dammit!

I'm all for contraception, and in some ways I can understand the temptation to hook-up an under-represented issue you care about, like access to family planning, to the latest funding-cash-cow-de-jour: Climate change. What concerns me is that given the level of hysteria and general holier-than-thou attitude of many of our climate true believers (and it has legal precedent as a religion, remember) that this could start getting out of hand.

On the other hand, if alarmists stop having children to save the planet, then eventually the whole issue is bound to right itself in about, oh, one generation or so.

Darwin would be proud.

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