Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This time I'm really going to study...

Almost unnoticed I snuck back here and started posting regularly, even though I said I Wasn't Going To Do That until my exams and ward-rounds are over for the year. Which is cool, 'cause I can stop anytime I's not like I've got a problem or anything.

Unfortunately, I don't have any super-post to tide you over for the duration, the only thing I've got is this cartoon I found accidentally while doing an image search for "priapism". (PS I have no 'freakin idea what the web site thats hosting it is, so naturally I do not endorse any of their content).

When I conduct internet searches of this nature, I can argue that its part of getting a medical education, when you do it, everyone thinks you've either overdosed on something you'd rather not admit to or you've found an inventive way to surf the porn web.

The other day I was charged with finding out the mandatory reporting responsibilities for NSW doctors in regards to patients engaging in underage intercourse. Try entering the relevant search terms for that into an institutional computer network. No matter what I tried, the internet nanny scolded me for attempting to access a "site blocked due to innappropriate content". Even the government ones. Somewhere, deep in the teaching hospital IT department a flashing light went off next to my name and a computer geek scuttled off to the Human Resources department and it's just snowballing from there, I can tell. My ID photo is probably plastered over a wall of shame next to the intern who took a metal trolley into the MRI suite, and the pharmacists are going to snicker into their lab coats when I walk past.

So anyhoo, unless something really exciting comes up that I just have to post about, I'll see you on the other side of exams. This time, I mean it.

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