Friday, November 13, 2009

Et tu, CDC?

The US Centre for Disease Control seem to be busily breeding the next generation of climate alarmists to suckle off the teat of public funding.
Research Funding

There is widespread scientific consensus that the world’s climate is changing and that there will be a broad range of impacts on health through a variety of factors, including greater heat stress, air pollution, respiratory disease exacerbation, and changes in the geographic distribution of vector-, food- and water-borne disease. The complexity of such influences requires that the next generation of climate and health scientists undergo training in a multi-disciplinary setting to ensure that they can address climate-related public health challenges...

...Strong preference will be given to candidates who propose work on one of the priority research areas outlined below...Specific interest areas include precipitation and flooding, drought, hurricanes, soil moisture, land surface modeling, land use/land cover changes, regional climate modeling, and future climate modeling at global and regional scales, assessment of the societal impacts of climatological events, and public policy/economics as related to climate.

Gee, directive, much.

I have some questions:

  • How do you propose to turn people from un-related scientific, medical and sociological fields into climate scientists in two short years AND churn out a research project at the same time? Thats way cool.
  • What do you think happens when you churn out a bunch of researchers whose entire career revolves around finding health problems related to global warming? Its like when you put more cops on the beat and discover that arrest rates went up accordingly. Well, duh. They have to justify their existence somehow.
  • How do I sign up to this gravy train? When I came came out as a skeptic I thought some dude from Exxon would land a helicopter next to me and hand me a bag of cash, but so far I've got zip. Mamma has some bills to pay. Admittedly, the stipend of around $50K a year for two years isn't astronomical. Like hookers everywhere, the cheap ones just seem make it harder for everyone else on the game.

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