Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just one more, then I'll go cold turkey...

I lasted a fast five minute, didn't I? Its the amazing the length that medical students will go to to procrastinate during exams. Some people alphabetise their sock drawers or get a sudden urge to perm their eyelashes. Me, I find myself getting caught up in unskilled internet sleuthing.

Wattsupwiththat just posted a story that the Hadley Climate Research Unit has apparently been hacked, with the release of hundreds of files and emails. Keen for a bit of rubber-necking, I wandered on over to the CRU's website for a look-see. Thats when I noticed the interesting looking "Climate Change Myths" link:

Always keen for a bit of a laugh, I clicked away and got taken to a UK Met Office page that no longer existed:

"Thats wierd", said I. Maybe they moved it? Yet I couldnt seem to find anything about climate change myths on their site. So I put the URL into the wayback machine to see what could possibly be there that they would want to take down? (Heres the page if anyone is as desperate to waste time as I am.)

Could it be the bit Professor John Mitchell OBE, Chief Scientist at the met, says:
The bottom line is, even if cosmic rays have a detectable effect on climate (and this remains unproven), measured solar activity over the last few decades has not significantly changed and cannot explain the continued warming trend.

Or maybe its this bit:
The bottom line is that current models enable us to attribute the causes of past climate change and predict the main features of the future climate with a high degree of confidence.

This from the people who have difficulty predicting what the weather will be like tomorrow.
Or maybe its all the pretty pictures they used?

Oh dear. They certainly seem to like their bottom lines, don't they. I've got a bottom line of my own I'd like to show them:

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