Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tofurkey of the Week #1

This is the award for all those people who have been a prize turkey, but in an ecologically sensitive manner. Also considered as a title was "Turducken of the Week" for being a turkey AND completely over doing it, but Tofurkey works for me on so many different levels.

This weeks winner is 27 year old Tim DeChristopher, who the NY times describes as:

A college student who bid on and won more than $1.8 million in federal oil and gas leases last year without the intent or ability to pay will not be allowed to argue in court that he acted out of necessity to protect the environment, a federal judge ruled on Monday.
He has said he believed the looming dangers of climate change and environmental impact from drilling were so great and urgent that he had no choice but to take whatever action he could to stop the drilling program. His lawyer, Ronald J. Yengich, recently asked that the jury be allowed to consider a defense of necessity, or “choice of evils,” when the trial begins, perhaps early next year. But Judge Dee Benson said in his ruling that Mr. DeChristopher had not met the threshold requirements under federal law. First, the harm that Mr. DeChristopher perceived from the lease sale was not imminent, the judge wrote, in the sense of a crisis like a fire or unfolding crime scene.
Nor, the judge said, could Mr. DeChristopher have known with a reasonable certainty that a bad result for the climate or the environment would definitely occur if he did nothing.

I've never been much for the protest movement, it always seemed, so well....cringe worthy. I once lived at a logging protest camp when I was 15 (there were teepees and everything!), but that was because I had been kicked out of home. The hippies took me in and fed me and gave me a place (*cough* teepee) to stay. Well, when I say "fed", the food was yams fried in coconut oil and washed down with Chai tea, but it beat being on the streets hands down. Since then, however, protestors and I have agreed to go our seperate ways.

In the spirit of this, I would like to extend my congratulations to Mr. DeChristopher. For your inept climate activism and general "what could go wrong?" attitude, the Daily Suppository awards you the first ever "Tofurkey of the Week" prize.

This one goes out to you Tim, you'd better get a lawyer, Son, you'd better get a REAL good one:

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